Do you struggle with growing your business using social media?

Are you trying to figure out how to market your business AND create a brand people are lining up to buy from?

Brand & Convert's Grow your Empire Marketing Automation Academy can help you focus on helping master the marketing skills you need to show up, stand out and start growing your audience online so you can attract the perfect clients today. 

FINALLY learn how to use our marketing system and create more impact by serving more people.

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You want to focus on serving your clients without having to spend 90% of your time marketing

You want to wake up knowing your business and brand is getting more views, leads and awareness without having to cold call or pay for leads.
You want to feel empowered to take control of your business and add more clients when you're ready and whenever you want.
You want to feel supported, and to have a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

But sometimes you might feel "stuck" in survival mode.

Can you relate to any of these?

"I got into this business but now I feel like i'm focused on doing everything BUT my actual job."

"I'm stressed out by the overwhelming amount of things I need to do and never know what's going to work and what's not going to work."
"I'm the only one I know who is trying to grow their brand and business - Sometimes I feel isolated and misunderstood."
"I hate the feast or famine cycle."
"My business is still new and I want to start off on the right path."
"I need inspiration and support, to stay on the path I'm passionate about."

My name is Aliyah Dastour

I know first hand how frustrating it can be to feel stuck in your business with little-to-no support and a sense that you have no where to go. 
I know how tiring it can be to be up all night stressing over how to grow your brand and your business, to deal with helping your current customers and clients all day only to come home to stress about what you're going to do next month with an almost empty calendar. 
I want you to know: your issues are not impossible to solve, you are not at a dead end. 
You are at the precipice of an incredible journey. I've been on it myself, personally, and guided others as they navigate the path to finding success with a video system that allows you to bring business in, build your brand, all without having to struggle through it.  I've seen this with hundreds of my clients. I'm here to tell you... YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
This is exactly why I created the Brand & Convert Academy.

Here's what you'll get in the Grow Your Empire Marketing Automation Academy

  • By joining this academy today, you'll get access to your  training starting August 1st. 
  • You will also get instant access to the online Facebook Group so you can connect with other Brand & Convert members.
  • Finally, I'll show you how to build a system for your marketing so that it makes it easy on you and gets you the results you're looking for step by step. 

Get Access to "Grow your Empire" Marketing Automation Academy

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What will I achieve in the next six weeks in the "Grow your Empire" Marketing Automation Academy?

You will discover who it is you REALLY serve so that you create marketing language that speaks to that person that can jump up and down when they realize you're speaking JUST. TO. THEM!

You will discover how to be your very own brand ambassador to flood leads and people looking for your services your way.

Find out how to easily create a logo, choose colors, pick images, and truly design a look and feel that speaks directly to your perfect client.

This is a fun week as I'll lead you through designing your own website/blog if you don't have one already AND we will be creating your marketing funnel together!

I will show you which social media platforms you NEED to be on, and which ones are a total waste of your time.

Figure out just how much you need to be posting on them and the fastest ways to automate all of the posting so that you can focus on growing your business instead of learning all about the many social media channels out there.

You will also see how I easily and effortlessly collect hundreds of reviews/testimonials from my customers through videos AND google reviews and use them as social proof online.  I will teach you how to do it on your own AND exactly what to say to them to get the types of reviews that after other prospects read will instantly sign up to work with you.

This week we will go through how to build a lead magnet to attract clients that are DYING to work with you and create a funnel so that they can easily  book you as soon as they are ready!  

I'll walk you through not only creating a converting lead magnet for your social media followers and website visitors BUT I help you create your 8 week email campaign so that your email subscribers convert into clients.

If you don't have an email service, I will show you step by step how to set it up and what words to use that will help you 10x your sales! 

We want to make sure that your social media content and videos are not JUST helpful, but also incorporating selling techniques to get your audience to reach out to you to purchase your packages and services.

I show you how to create your own Call to Action that will convert AND how to film video and create posts that have the highest engagement possible.

This week we will also create your content calendar to include what videos / blogs / posts you will create to convert your fans and followers into clients.

You will discover how much content you should "give away" in your content.  I will also show you some hidden secrets on how to massively grow your audience with the RIGHT people.

Learn how to get on other people's platforms and position yourself as the ONLY solution to your prospects problems.

I will show you how to land speaking and workshop opportunities and how to use social proof to increase your growth potential.

We will go through how to use social media to get clients FOR FREE!

Each social media platform has different ways to maximize their conversion potential.

I will show you how to use retargeting on YouTube AND Facebook so that you are ONLY spending money on highly interested prospects and not wasting your ad budget on people that aren't interested in your offerings.

I'll also show you how to take one piece of content and reposition it ten different ways to use across social media so that you're focusing on promotion and not ALWAYS having to create more and more content.

Learn how I use one FREE and easy technique to add thousands of HIGHLY QUALIFIED and interested people to my email list. 

Brand & Convert Academy is for...

Ambitious & kind business owners looking to massively grow their small business and TAKE BACK THEIR time. They believe that the only way to succeed is through helping others and they have NO problem putting in the work so that it will pay off in the long run. They are OBSESSED with the business they have created and believe they are able to not only be a spouse, a friend, a parent and a community leader, but they can BUILD a massively successful empire to serve their clients and BUILD a life of their dreams.


Be sure to get this course to FULLY automate your marketing generation machine BEFORE the price increases!


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